Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Denim Jackets

The denim jacket is something which has been constantly coming in and out of fashion for a good few decades, but we don't think it is ever not stylish, in fact we believe it is a wardrobe must have.
You might not wear it for 6 months of the year when the weather is arguably too dull to be wearing something that is often viewed as a summer item, but the denim jacket isn't something you have to buy every year, the majority of them last a long time.
We've taken photographs of different outfits with denim jackets for inspiration so you can wear yours that little bit more often! (If you're spending your hard earned cash on it you may as well get your money's worth).
(above: dress- Topshop SS12, denim jacket (left and top right)- Red Herring at Debenhams SS12, denim jacket (bottom right)- Levis vintage)

Denim jackets are unisex items and so we thought we'd showcase our jackets on both a male and a female to show their versatility.
(above: top from H&M- SS12)
 (above: t-shirt from Republic, denim jacket- Levis)

Double denim is something that can be very hard to pull off, and many don't even consider it. It can be done though! In the photos above (the bottom two of the set of four) you'll see that the outfit consists of a denim jacket, and then some skinny grey jeans. We'd recommend you try this mix as it works nicely together. It's best if your jeans are more fitted so that it allows for the jacket to be a bit baggier. We've teamed it with a floral top to add a more feminine touch.
Many people wear their jacket with hoodies which can give your outfit more of an edge to it, but once again, if you want to make it look softer, then add a floral top. It will instantly make your outfit fit for summer wear and you can buy then from virtually every high street clothing store.

Here's some of our favourite jackets from the high street.
 (above: female's Moto Bleach Acid Wash oversize jacket- Topshop £48)

(above: male's washed denim jacket- Zara £49.99)

Before you go out and buy a denim jacket though, make sure you check with family members if they have an old one hiding away, you might be pleasantly surprised!

What do you think to the double denim trend? Have any of you got denim jackets that have been given to you by family members?
Let us know.
M&B x

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