Sunday, 8 September 2013


Hi guys! 
So it's currently New York Fashion Week and we're loving some of the collections on show.
One of my personal favourites was Monique Huillier's designs:

I absolutely love the use of bright, vibrant colours as well as the soft, ivory/ cream dresses.

I've therefore decided to do my own take on these outfits but at a more affordable price.

First off is this outfit which is all from ASOS. ASOS is my absolute favourite place to shop online. The majority of items are very affordable and with free delivery you can't go wrong.
Trousers: £22
Jumper: £38
Shoes: £18

This outfit is also from ASOS. I've chosen two pairs of shoes as the outfit can easily be made a bit smarter- although it is arguably quite a smart outfit anyway.
Shorts: £35
Jumper: £25
Heels: £17.99
Flats: £12.99

The colours are bold and outgoing on both outfits and so the quieter person may shy away from this style (I'm more of a muted shades girl- occasionally with some bright colours) but why not try something new?! Bright colours can often make you feel more confident in yourself. 
And I know autumn and winter are coming, but lets pretend it's summer for a bit longer!

What do you think to today's post? Should we do more takes on NYFW designs? We'd love to hear from you!

M&B x

Friday, 6 September 2013

Bristol OOTD.

Hi Guys, Sorry it has been a while since you've heard from me.

So I thought its my turn to give you an OOTD post.

 This outfit of the day is from the Bank Holiday Weekend, I spent the weekend down in Bristol with my parents and brother. 
I actually purchased the jumper below from River Island in Bristol's Cabot Circus for £25. The jumper is a lovely ribbed knitted mustard colour and is slightly cropped. I paired the jumper with my sky light blue TopShop MOTO Vintage Joni high waisted jeans at £36.

I finished off my outfit with a pair of All Star Low Top Converse in Maroon at £44.99, I love converse some may even say I have an obsession, but who doesn't have an obsession with shoes?

I hope you enjoyed today's post, sorry it is only a quick one. 
Did you have a nice Bank Holiday? What did you do?
Let us know!
Love B

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

M's OOTD part 4

Hi guys!
Today is Thursday and so it's the fourth instalment of my outfit of the day week!
Tomorrow my college is closed because of leeds festival and so I'm currently unsure whether to do an ootd post as I'm hoping not to be dressed for most of the day! I am going out tomorrow evening though so I might post my outfit.

Top- Around £13?( I can't quite remember)
Jeans- £11, Primark
Shoes- £15(?) Topshop- although they're quite old so I'm not sure if they're sold anymore
And my bag is the usual which was £14.99 from H&M.

Hope you've enjoyed this week's posts (if not then its back to normal from tomorrow!)

M x

Re-discovering Essie - Camera

Camera from Essie's Summer Poppy-Razzi Collection

Camera is a lovely coral, more on the pink/red side than the orange with a neon element. It is perfect for Summer, suiting the toes and well as the fingers. The formula is jelly like and nicely pigmented however as you can tell on the photo below (modelled by my beautiful mother and taken after 2 coats, with the camera flash on) you can still see a visible nail line, therefore I would recommend 3 coats to receive an opaque finish.

Just like Bikini So Teeny and To Buy Or Not To Buy, Camera can still be purchased online at prices lower than Essie's current collection.

This is the last of the three Eddie polishes that I rediscovered for this Summer.

Do you own any Essie Polish? What is your favorite Essie Collection or Polish?
Have you re-discovered any polish or beauty products this Summer?
[I am sorry guys that this post is less informative than some and that the image is not the best.]
Love B

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

M's OOTD part 3

Hi guys!
Today is the third part to my outfit of the day week (the other days are further down on the blog if any of you want to have a nosey) and my third day of college- which I love, although the days are pretty long!

Today I am wearing:
Top- £12.99, H&M 
Leggings- £5.99, H&M 
Shoes- £6, Primark
I am also wearing one of my pandora bracelets- I think it is between £35-£45- and a small black bracelet that B got me from Greece. I'm not intending to take this off, it's been permanently on my wrist since it was given to me. I love these types of bracelets!

Hope you enjoyed today's post! If you have any feedback, let us know, it really is appreciated!

See you tomorrow,
M x

Monday, 19 August 2013

M's OOTD part 2

Hi guys!

So today is my second day at college and therefore my second outfit of the day post! 

My first day went a lot better than expected- I thought I wasn't going to meet new people so easily, but I did, and that made me think; you may be terrified at the prospect of starting somewhere new- I think everyone goes through some form of fear- but things always turn out for the best. So perhaps we should stop putting ourselves under so much pressure and stress because things always have a funny way of sorting themselves out.

Today's outfit:

Jumper- £5.99, H&M
Jeans- £10, H&M
Shoes- £6, Primark (the same as yesterday, just a different colour)
And I'm not too sure where the necklace is from as it's my sister's, but many high street stores sell these kind nowadays.
The bag I'm using is the one in yesterday's post.

Hope you've enjoyed this morning's post!
See you tomorrow,
M x