Monday, 19 August 2013

M's OOTD part 2

Hi guys!

So today is my second day at college and therefore my second outfit of the day post! 

My first day went a lot better than expected- I thought I wasn't going to meet new people so easily, but I did, and that made me think; you may be terrified at the prospect of starting somewhere new- I think everyone goes through some form of fear- but things always turn out for the best. So perhaps we should stop putting ourselves under so much pressure and stress because things always have a funny way of sorting themselves out.

Today's outfit:

Jumper- £5.99, H&M
Jeans- £10, H&M
Shoes- £6, Primark (the same as yesterday, just a different colour)
And I'm not too sure where the necklace is from as it's my sister's, but many high street stores sell these kind nowadays.
The bag I'm using is the one in yesterday's post.

Hope you've enjoyed this morning's post!
See you tomorrow,
M x 

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