Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Re-discovering Essie - To Buy Or Not To Buy

The next Essie nail varnish that I have 're-discovered' is To Buy Or Not To Buy from Essie's Navigate Her Spring 2012 Collection.

Just like Bikini So Teeny the polish in the bottle has a shimmer to it, however disappointingly the shimmer can not be seen once the polish has been applied to the nails. The colour is a beautiful light lilac.

The formula gives a cream finish after what we would recommend to be 3 coats as there were a few streaks still available after 2 coats as you can see below. 

To Buy Or Not To Buy is a polish that can be worn with a casual or a formal outfit as it adds a nice element of class. 

Essie's 2012 Spring Collection including To Buy Or Not To Buy can still be purchased online at prices lower than Essie's current collection prices so why not have a look online and see what you can find. 

Camera from Essie's Summer Poppy-Razzi Collection will be my final "re-discovering Essie for Summer 2013" blog post so keep a lookout for it!

Do you own any Essie Polish? What is your favorite Essie Collection or Polish?
Have you re-discovered any polish or beauty products this Summer?
Love B

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