Sunday, 18 August 2013

Rose Libertine

Hi guys! 
So I'm just doing a quick post today on one of my favourite nail colours. It's Rose Libertine (405) by Rimmel London.

 It's an older colour of mine but I love it. It's quite a bright colour but because I've mostly started wearing more subtle coloured clothes (more black, navy, grey, white etc) it complements them as well as bringing a bit more colour to what I'm wearing.

One of my favourite things to use once having painted my nails is Avon Nail Experts Liquid Freeze. You spray it on your nails- I usually leave it on for a minute or so, although it could be less- and it pretty much dries instantly. I would just recommend gently washing your hands because it is quite greasy. All in all though its very handy to have and if you're in a rush it can save time!

So it's just a quick post on what I like (and what I'm currently wearing!) at the moment.

And here's a little picture of my kitten, Bella, being nosey at my nail varnish collection; 

Hope you enjoyed this short post!
M x

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