Monday, 19 August 2013


Hi guys!
Today is my first day of art college and myself and B thought what better way to start my days for this first week with an Outfit Of The Day post and B is planning to do the same when she starts Uni!
So for my first week of college I will be posting my outfits- I'll only do my first week because, like everyone does, I'll start repeating my outfits and you guys will have no want to see them twice!

So I know I said I was painting my nails a bright colour because I wear subtle clothing, but this top is a one off! It's pretty much the only super bright item I own, but I absolutely love it! It is £45 from ASOS.
My shoes and jeans are both from Primark. The shoes were £6 and the jeans were £11.
And last but not least is my handbag, which was £14.99 from H&M, and it's my new college bag so I'll pretty much be using it everyday this week!

Hope you liked this quick post!
See you tomorrow,
M x


  1. Cute outfit :) really love the jumper!
    Meg xx

  2. I ♥ your blog. You are amazing blogger :))
    Feel free to my blog:
    Kisses ♥