Sunday, 8 September 2013


Hi guys! 
So it's currently New York Fashion Week and we're loving some of the collections on show.
One of my personal favourites was Monique Huillier's designs:

I absolutely love the use of bright, vibrant colours as well as the soft, ivory/ cream dresses.

I've therefore decided to do my own take on these outfits but at a more affordable price.

First off is this outfit which is all from ASOS. ASOS is my absolute favourite place to shop online. The majority of items are very affordable and with free delivery you can't go wrong.
Trousers: £22
Jumper: £38
Shoes: £18

This outfit is also from ASOS. I've chosen two pairs of shoes as the outfit can easily be made a bit smarter- although it is arguably quite a smart outfit anyway.
Shorts: £35
Jumper: £25
Heels: £17.99
Flats: £12.99

The colours are bold and outgoing on both outfits and so the quieter person may shy away from this style (I'm more of a muted shades girl- occasionally with some bright colours) but why not try something new?! Bright colours can often make you feel more confident in yourself. 
And I know autumn and winter are coming, but lets pretend it's summer for a bit longer!

What do you think to today's post? Should we do more takes on NYFW designs? We'd love to hear from you!

M&B x

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  1. Loving your recreations! Also, I've nominated your blog in the Liebster Award! I hope you can check it out!