Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Feature Nail

With the trend of feature nails growing we thought that we would choose our feature nail to be our ring finger, and what better way to do to it than with glitter?

Sally Hansen, advertised as:
 "America's favourite brand, now hitting UK high street stores."
Convinced us to purchase (not that it takes a lot of convincing for us when it comes down to buying new cosmetics, to experiment with and review) some of the company's varnishes, and we hoped they would soon be a favourite nail brand of ours!
Every girl loves glitter, right?

We decided to team Sally Hansen - Glitz Glam 08 (£6.99) as our feature nail with No 7 - Mint Treat Jel-Look Shine (£6.00), although it looks like an aqua sea blue. 
The brush makes the polish easy to apply, however the first coat was weak and runny so make sure you allow time for it to dry before applying the second coat. With a top coat the polish doesn't have a "shimmer" as such, however the Jel-Look does create a shine when the polish hits with light. Although we love the colour we would suggest applying at least two top coats ensuring that the polish doesn't chip. (mine chipped after 2 day's, just a bit disappointing! -B) 
Gem Crush Glitz Glam also was weak from the first application and the brush was too thin to cover the whole nail in one, however the polish didn't streak and was thick enough after three coats. After drying it appeared to produce a muted sparkle and even after a top coat the texture of the nail polish is uneven and of a gravel texture. 
If you were to purchase these nail varnishes to accompany a casual or going out outfit we'd advise you give the nail varnish time to dry so you have no smudges and to apply at least 2 top coats to ensure that it lasts long! 

What do you think of having a "feature nail"? 
Have your tried having a "feature nail" or a similar trend?
Have you had a good bank holiday?
We'd love to hear from you,
M&B x


  1. I love using glitter as a feature nail, this one in particular is gorgeous (:


    1. Thank you. We love glitter too, our recent feature nails have included daisy pattern designs. We just experimenting.