Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Benefits of Elle

So unbeknown to both of us, we both nipped out on the same day to get this month's issue of Elle, and we have no regrets. Elle is one of our favourite monthly fashion magazines, especially with the celebrity interviews, beauty advice, latest fashion updates, and even a travel section. You'd definitely be hard-pressed to have a reasonable excuse to dislike it. It's like our very own fashion bible with fabulous monthly installments, and beautiful women (apart from the David Beckham issue- although there's no denying he's beautiful) on the front cover, making us here at Aurora Glow green with envy.
This month's issue features the talented Miley Cyrus, and we love it.

The bold outfits she wears in her shoot emphasise her drastic, yet amazingly well pulled off new hair style.

Although we could potentially sit and write about our love for Elle all day, in today's post we are also looking at the Benefit mascara that came FREE (yes you heard us correctly) in this month's issue- okay so we're not completely leaving the Elle topic, but still. 

With it being Benefit we had high hopes for the mascara, and were really rooting for it to look as great as it does advertised and we weren't disappointed. Although the results aren't quite as great as it shows on the packaging, it's still impressive. 

Above is an image of us trying the mascara out for ourselves. As you can see, there's quite a difference and this was with only two quick coats. We also love the brush! It's a plastic one- which we personally prefer- so coverage was even and it was very easy to apply. We also find that after wearing mascara for a few hours it starts to go bitty and comes off a little, but there's none of that with this- it lasts ages! We're very impressed.

 Overall we're extremely happy with this month's issue of Elle and would recommend it to anyone. We love the mascara that much that we will more than likely be buying another when ours run out!

Have any of you bought this month's issue? If so, what do you think? 
M&B x


  1. I agree, the decision by Miley to chop her hair was such a bold one however it suits her so well and the shoot really shows this. I have long hair and couldn't imagine anything else. As you can see I am a hair stylist and long hair is the perfect tool.
    Have you two thought about doing a post on hair styling or hair accessories?
    Bella - Hair. xxx

  2. I have to say miley is such a beautiful girl she pulls if off so well. I'm a new follower :) I got this magazine too mainly to try the mascara it being my first benefit product. I like it but i do think the wands slightly big i find it so scary putting it near my bottom lashes.

    Don't know if your interested and i know it sounds kinda cheeky but if i don't mention it - i'm hardly spreading the word haha. I'm holding a raffle (uk only) no blog needed it's to raise money for charity the prize is £50 worth of make up from look beauty and make up academy feel free to check it out on my blog. I'm doing a 8 mile midnight walk and trying to raise as much as possible. The winner will win an amazing prize and everyones helping out a great charity can't go wrong right. It's through just giving and rafflecoper :) xx

  3. We can't believe that came from with the mag! It looks amazing! It definitely lengthens and volumises

    1. We love it, although we've found it takes a bit to get off fully!

      M&B x