Monday, 15 July 2013

Demi Lovato, Get her look!

Demi has recently been photographed wearing this fabulous outfit at a performance, and I don't know about you but it reminds me a lot of M's outfit from Wednesday in London, and although M''s outfit was not styled on this photo both outfits are a great choice for Summer!

One of our very first post's was to do with Denim jackets and how they never seem to wear out of fashion. Demi is really rocking her jacket. 

A sleeveless denim jacket like the one that Demi is pictured in above can be purchased
from New Look for £14.99. The denim jacket is a light denim material therefore will not add a lot of warmth resulting in it being perfect to wear through out the hot summer days! ( We are being optimistic and hoping that the sun will stay in the UK!)

The dress above would cost you £20 from the online store Boohoo, although it is of a longer length than Demi's it has the see-through material which you could take up to a size that suits you. The fabulous thing about this dress is that it has a belt already that can pull you in at the waist however if you feel uncomfortable wearing a belt and pulling in your waist as you feel it may accentuate your hips you can remove the belt and allow the dress to be straight covering the belt loops with the denim jacket!

The belt above is £4 from Matalan, the floral pattern adds to a festival feel, we believe this photo of Demi was taken at an outside gig so the festival feel is present.

The accessories are all down to you, get Demi's look but don't forget to add your own unique twist!
Here are a few accessories that you could consider:

On Demi's left hand you can see a range of bracelets, one that stand out to us is the blue one, the first bracelet on the lower of her arm, we found a blue bead bracelet for £4 at Sainsburys which is pictured below. The blue pulls out the blue colour of the denim jacket. 
We suggest that you make your braclet collection personal. 

Demi's nails are coated in a bright red nail polish. The bold colour is lovely in Summer, you can purchase a bright red such as Essie Too Too Hot at £7.99 from a drugstore such as boots.

Demi is wearing a bold "stone" ring on her right hand index finger. Costume jewelry is brilliant to invest in, they can make an outfit and often the prices of jewelry is very affordable. The ring below is priced at £2 from River Island.

Demi's gold coloured necklace has a thick chain and a bold statement piece at the end, just like the item we have found below! Headphone Jack Necklace

from Asos priced at £20.

Demi's shorter necklace looks to be of a leather material with a large pendant, a vintage necklace may be ideal to invest in for this accessory and with it being leather it should continue to last.

The link to purchase the clothing items online are all below, in the same order that they appear in the post: 

Once again - Don't forget that you don't have to purchase the items above from the stores we have recommended, shop around and you may find your own or even have the item at home.

 If you have any of these items at home you can create this outfit and once items like this are purchased they are always fabulous to add to create another outfit. If you are a student don't be be afraid to ask about student discounts, many of the stores do them, so its worth it, you're worth it!

Have you liked this "Get their look" post? Who are your style icons? Who would you like us to base our next "Get their look" post on? 
Let us know!
We hope we have achieved a post that is based upon an affordable income with £20 being the most priced item.
We believe that Demi's smile just perfects this outfit, a smile carries more beauty than any item of clothing so 
dont forget to smile!


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