Sunday, 7 July 2013

London- Thursday 27th June

Although Wednesday was probably our busiest day in London, Thursday was still pretty tiring- but we battled on, of course. 

We started our day off by catching the tube to St. Paul's. We had a nosey around the outside of the cathedral- which is beautiful, and then headed towards South Bank. 

Next stop- Tate Modern!

After the Tate we then went (across the wrong bridge and had to go across another bridge further down when we'd realised) along by the London Eye where we had a lovely time seeing all the street performers.

We then headed towards The Houses of Parliament and on to Buckingham Palace!

After having a very tourist-y day we decided to head back to the tube. We then went to a graduate art show in the evening, just off Brick Lane, which had work from students from various universities around England- it was fabulous to look at the different forms of art and especially for M who is taking a foundation art degree. We also had a lovely evening meal at a Thai restaurant with B's Uncle and partner, the best aspect of them living in London is that they took us to see the sights of London that not many tourists do get to experience and it is incredible, just seeing the every day London life, it makes us want to move here so much more! 

Today's post is pretty much self explanatory- hence the large amount of photos! We pretty much had a sight seeing day and we loved it- you have to be a tourist in London at some point don't you?!

We hope you enjoyed today's post- sorry it's a few days later than anticipated!

What do you guys think to today's post? Have you been to any of these places? We'd love to hear from you!

Till next time
M&B x

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