Thursday, 13 June 2013

Essie Go Ginza and Mojito Madness

So, as per usual we spent ages in boots hovering around the makeup counter and stands yesterday and one of our favourite purchases was Go Ginza by Essie from their Spring 2013 collection, influenced by worldwide shopping cities.

Go Ginza has a strong pale pink pigment and took 3 full coverage coats to which the first was streaky and weak, however once you achieved the full opaque effect of the "soft cherry blossom pink" you will be ready to wear it to any event for a classic and relaxed or a sophisticated event. We also believe that this is a perfect wedding nail colour as it achieves so much yet is so delicate.

We have also managed to grab Mojito Madness from Essie's Summer 2012 collection, it is a fabulous fresh grass green colour and only £1.99 from Fragrance Direct. Fragrance Direct is currently being "raved" about in the blogging and beauty world, if you haven't already you guys must check it out!

Mojito's full colour potential was reach with 2 coats and has lasted a good 4 days. It is quirky and vibrant with a brilliant gloss finish. Most definatly the best shade of Green I have purchased!

What are the beauty Items that you can't resist when you walk past the counters? 
Have you got any Essie nail polishes? Have you seen Essie's collection for this Summer, What do you think of it?
Let us know!
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    1. Agreed!
      This summers collection is very vibrant so we look forward to that. Have you checked it out?