Friday, 14 June 2013

May Haul! - B

With it being exam season, one of the best stress relievers for me is shopping and often purchasing items that I don't really need. I mean come on, we've all been there right? So I sorted through my purchases of May and chose my favourites to create a haul post for you. 

Hauls are fabulous little posts of bits and bobs that bloggers have been loving and in a way are recommending to you as readers! 

The photo above is my cosmetics haul. I decided to join many bloggers in exploring and purchasing from the online site of Fragrance Direct. To which I purchased two Calvin Klein lipsticks and Mojito Madness green nail polish by Essie. I am not a lipstick person, however I believe this statement is about to change after purchasing yet another lipstick; Rimmel London Kate Lasting Finish which has fabulous pigmentation and are £5.49 each.  I purchased 05 which is a lovely rose pink with slight cool undertones. I am sure future posts will include me blogging to you about how I love lipstick. I think Summer is the ideal time to try out new brands and items. You have at least 6 weeks, so why not? 
My Essie nail varnish from Fragrance Direct was soon joined by Essie Go Ginza the pink nude. (Fourth in from the left at the back) Once again Summer is a time to experiment and painting your nails is definitely a way to make a statement and to often "jazz" up an outfit. I was also drawn to the bold orange and plum pink colours from L'Oreal  ( Lush Tangerine and Addictive Plum at £4.99 each). Also from L'Oreal I bought the Super Liner black eyeliner (£6.99), the nib of the liner is incredible and the precision is benefited by the long lid that rests perfectly between your thumb and finger. The lasting effect is effortless and you can build upon the thickness of the line to the style you prefer. 
I believe that blusher is a must have for Summer, you can switch between blusher and bronzer but both just add colour and bring "life" to you face. My Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher (£7.49) is actually a repurchase in shade 85 Sienne, which provides me with a natural glow. It is a powder blush and is described by Bourjois as "Ultra Fine And Easy To Blend Powder Blush".
Staying on the topic of more natural looking make-up for Summer, I purchased No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trio in Cappuccino for £6.50, as I used my £3 off No7 cosmetics voucher. The colours blend beautifully together and are lovely for a subtle eye look on their own. 

Next is Give Me Moisture VO5 hair conditioner, having recently dip-dyed my hair blonde I am finding it hard to keep the ends of my hair hydrated however this conditioner is working miracles on my hair. It is perfect for every other day use on natural or dyed hair.
And last but not least is the fragrance Just Pink Eau De Toilette from Next, which I received as a gift. It's £10 for 75ml or £12 for Eau De Parfum. Just Pink is such an affordable fragrance- whether you buy to a budget or not. Its light and the sweet scent is perfect for Summer!


I am really investing in nudes and pinks this summer and the high-street stores have some lovely lace clothing in these shades. Lace is yet again an essential for Summer and it never seems to be too far away from a  fashion designer's new collection. The baby pink sleeved top is from Dorothy Perkins, and it is £16 from the petite range. My Topshop lace top is one that I can not stop wearing and although it is pink it has hints of coral amongst it. It was £16 from, which is most definitely an incredibly convenient price from a store which can sometimes be a bit expensive. 
Patterned T-Shirt around £12 from Dorothy Perkins and I purchased it as I like the bold patterns, myself and M have seen bold patterns such as this on the runways and the lace sleeve is something a bit different. 
Shell Pink New Look Blazer - £19.99. This blazer feels very light when you are wearing it however it does provide enough warmth when it gets colder at night. 

Peplum tops are a trend that seems to have taken off this year, they are suitable for a day-time outfit as well as an evening/going out outfit and the bold floral design on this top from H&M (£12.99)  has burst of colours such as orange and hot pink amongst the deep greens and black leaf backgrounds. 
Bright beached shorts - Primark £10, I purchased these shorts as I loved the frayed edging and they are not too long on my leg which elongates my leg and makes me look taller, I also love the bright blue colour. 

What were your favourite purchases from last month? What are you Summer essentials? 
I'd love to know.
B -x 


  1. Fantastic haul! Lace is definitely a must have for the summer! I haven't tried the L'Oreal liquid eyeliner yet, but I probably will once my Maybelline Master Precise runs out :)
    <3 Pauline, Addicted to Makeup

    1. Thank you! Lace most definitely is, we can't get enough of it.
      Thank you for taking a look at our blog.

  2. WOW! I am in love with everything you got! I'm a bit stressed with exams and such so I think a shopping spree is in order...


    1. Thank you! They are so good, hence why they are our favourites! It is indeed a lovely way to relax. Good luck with your exams.
      B <3

  3. Being new to blogging, finding it hard to find my way around
    So glad I came across your blog
    Absolutley love your blog, and your style
    Love it

    1. Ah, we have fast become addicted to blogging and at the minute exams are preventing us from posting as much as we would like. Your feedback does mean a lot.
      Thank you.