Thursday, 6 June 2013

Our Week in Photos 3

Hi guys!
So this week we've not been up to much, just revision- again!- but that's been made so much more bearable by the BEAUTIFUL weather we've been having these past few days- lets hope it stays!

 This week we tried doing a daisy pattern on one of our nails- it went pretty well! We've also posted a tutorial for it so make sure you check it out! (We'll link it below)
We've also been loving Yankee candles- they smell so good!
B also finally got an Urban Decay Naked palette 1 after giving in due to the fabulous reviews. There might even be a little review on it at some point! 

We also love last week's iTunes free single of the week- it's called Fall At Your Feet by Saint Raymond and we used it in our nail tutorial so make sure you have a listen! 
On the top right is an Activia intensely creamy strawberry yogurt with a sliced strawberry- try it, you won't regret it, so tasty!
And the bottom two photographs are just what we've been loving to wear this week! Stripey tops are definitely a must for summer! - our daisy pattern nail tutorial. It's our first YouTube video and we're thinking of doing more so make sure you subscribe to keep updated! 

Have you been up to much in the sun this week? What are loving this week?
 Also keep an eye out for our May favourites coming soon!

Till next time, 
M&B x


  1. Lovely pictures and I LOVE the name of your blog!

    1. Thank you. We love to collage our week together with photos, it is just a beautiful reminder. I can not wait for summer, photos galore!
      As for the name of our blog, we just liked the aurora image of the sky, have you seen it?
      M&B x