Monday, 17 June 2013

Mid-June Favorites

Hi guys, this is just a small post for our mid-June favorites. Hope you are having a lovely June, it means that the holidays are almost here! 

There are four new items that I have purchased this June and that are fast becoming favourites of mine.
 The bag was £12 from Asda and has a fabulous capacity for the size of it, it is the perfect size for Summer and the beautiful pattern is full of warm colours. 

My next purchase is Tony and Guy's Sea Salt Spray at £7.19 for a 200ml bottle, Summer is all about the beach "boho" waves and this does as it says on the bottle, it gives your hair textured casual curls, depending on your natural hair depends on how your hair reacts, using the sea salt spray however does result in your hair being left feeling matted the next morning due to the "crunch" texture. 

Sleek Face Contour Kit in shade Light. £9.99 - " The ultimate contour kit with sculpting powder, highlighter and blush/bronzer in a mirrored compact." With an angled contour brush you really can achieve a defined look on your face and the mirror is a good size, it also makes it ideal for travel. The blush is nicely pigmented and the highlighter has slight shimmer adding a small glow to your face. It is definitely a product to purchase if like me you are wanting to experiment in contouring. 

The final product is Barry M Glitter Nail Paint at £2.99. This nail varnish does require a strong coloured base coat if you want to glitter to stand out as the glitter segments are not accompanied by a colour therefore do create a brilliant top coat on top of a colour of your choice. The blues and purples work well together and can be teamed with a range of base colours. Like the majority of glitter nail varnish's do take time to remove the glitter however its duration is long lasting with slight chipping. 

What are you looking to purchase this month? Are you a frequent user of contour? 
Let us know,


  1. Absolutely love this post, can't believe the bag was from asda!! its so nice


    1. We couldn't believe it when we saw it. It was a must purchase! Thank you for adding us to your circles!